About us

Pete and Stef Bogatinoff made the decision to move south from Nashville, TN to find a better climate and get away from the hassles in the US several years ago. After a couple of years of research and exploratory trips to several countries, they decided to move to Atenas, Costa Rica. After returning home from Costa Rica in February 2007, they put Stef’s business, their home, boat and vehicles up for sale and were fortunate to have everything sold by October 2007 – just before the bottom fell out of the market. They arrived in Atenas November 30, 2007, and as Stef says it – “We have never looked back

Since their arrival, they were fortunate enough to meet several Tico friends here that would help them with the many differences they had to face with living in Costa Rica versus the US. Over time, they learned very well and built a network of resources to make sure things got taken care of when they needed it. To stay busy, they decided to start Costa Concierge Services. This would give them something to do, and it was a type of business where they could gain the self-satisfaction in helping others who visit, or have decided to move to Atenas. Because of their reputation, Both Stephanie and Pete were asked to watch over some properties owned by friends that were only here part of the year. This brought birth to Costa Investment Management Group or CIMG – a division dedicated to that purpose.

To further explain the company structure, Costa Concierge Services is the parent company through which Stef works to help people with car rentals and travel ideas. Because of the growing need for qualified property managers in the area, they decided to form a separate division and appropriately named it Costa Investment Management Group. This division carries the responsibilities of a property management team that is headed up jointly by Stef and Pete. Because they had built a guest house that consisted of two identical apartments, it was only natural that they also entered the Vacation Rental business under the CIMG name. This is how they started, and what their focus is on now. What better way to help those coming to Costa Rica on vacation, or coming with the desire to come permanently? The results have been excellent!

Mission Statement

Costa Concierge Services is a company formed to assist our clients enjoy visiting or adjust to living in Costa Rica through specific services designed to making their stay easier and less complicated.

Because we understand the need to protect one’s investment, we will meet or exceed the expectations of our clients by providing the necessary services in which to live and enjoy the area.

Mission statement

Stef Bogatinoff

Stephanie Bogatinoff is the owner of Costa Concierge Services, and has been in the business of fulfilling customer needs for more than 25 yrs. She has extensive knowledge of sales from being the head finance manager for one of the largest car dealers in the US, and was once featured in Ford Motor Company’s Annual Report. In 1995 she started a franchised recruiting agency called Snelling Personnel Services of Brentwood, TN. During the twelve years that she ran this very successful business, she gained a vast knowledge in the area of human resources. Stephanie is the type of person who is always motivated by being able to help people. After selling her business and moving to Costa Rica, she says:

“After only three years, we are now at the point of enjoying everything Costa Rica has to offer, and everything has been green light, green light, and green light”

Pete Bogatinoff

Pete Bogatinoff has joint responsibility with Stephanie for the CIMG Division of Costa Concierges. His background is in Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing during a successful 35 year career in the tire industry. After he retired from Bridgestone/Firestone in 2002, he started a new boat sales & boat brokerage business that also became very successful. Since moving to Costa Rica, Pete has learned, though much experience, how homes are constructed in Costa Rica. He has assisted several absentee homeowners with the construction of their new homes, and works closely with Stephanie on the Property Management and Construction Management side of the business to ensure that the client’s investment is well taken care of.