Construction Management in Costa Rica

Why a Construction Manager?

There are those who contract with a builder to build their Costa Rica dream home and then head back home and entrust everything to the builder – This can be a very bad mistake. We were living here when our home was being built and found that we had to visit the site every day to make sure things were going correctly. We were very lucky because we were able to see and stop construction to correct some mistakes that were going to be made. If you are not able to be here during the construction of your home, then you need someone to represent you who also has knowledge of what you want. CIMG may be your best choice. Pete does not consider himself to be a builder, and he has no desire to be a builder. In spite of this, he knows and understands the needs. His position when helping you is - to work with the builder, architect, vendors and sub-contractors to make sure the job is done to your complete expectations in quality and value.

The construction process for building new homes in Costa Rica is much different than the way they are built in the US and Canada. Pete has gained much experience from over-seeing the construction of several homes here in the Atenas area, plus the construction of his personal home and guest house. He has seen and knows fully well what the differences are, and the proper ways to do the job. He also knows who the good builders are, along with the sub-contractors, architects, and material suppliers to work with to obtain the best quality at a very fair price. Others, who do a similar service, charge a percentage of the cost of the home. Sometimes as high as 20% to do the same thing as what Pete does for a monthly fee that represents a very high value for your money.

If you have a need, please contact us. We will be happy to help!